Week 1 Kristen and Roy


Welcome to Developing Business English Teachers!  

Whether this is your first time participating in EVO or you are a seasoned EVO veteran, we know you are going to have a great experience learning, sharing, and connecting with educators from all over the world who are as interesting and passionate about teaching as you are.


We hope to build a vibrant learning community by the end of the course - a place where people share with, help, encourage, support, and learn from one another.


On 12th January 2014, Kristen Acquaviva presented an online workshop on teaching mixed-level business English learners for IATEFL BESIG which you might be interested in watching. Click here for the link to the recording.


Here´s the link you need to click on to watch the recording of Roy and Kristen´s Week 1 live session from 19th January: 

Week 1 Live Session Recording



Task one: warmer (ongoing)

a. To get the most out of this course, we encourage you to connect with your fellow participants as well as the moderators as much as possible. Therefore, Task One is geared for you to tell us a bit about yourself and your teaching background. You can post this at any time during the course.


Post to the Edmodo group main page (https://www.edmodo.com/home#/group?id=6825436):


3 - 2 - 1

3 interesting facts about your hometown or place of residence

2 hobbies or interests you have

1 reason why you enjoy teaching or learning about Business English


b. Fill out this survey about you: Developing Business English Teachers 2014 Survey


c. Add your location on our participants' map: Our Participants' Map


Tasks two through five


The aim of week one is to explore the handling of classroom dynamics, in particular teacher and learner motivation through the lens of reflective practice.

 We will be:

By the end of the week:



Task two (30 minutes; Monday - Wednesday)

Keeping learners motivated is key to leading a successful Business English course. While some learners are intrinsically motivated, meaning they are keen to learn English for their own benefit, many others are extrinsically motivated, meaning they have to learn English to meet external goals such as company expectations, program requirements, or navigating professional tasks successfully in English. These varying sources of motivation can have dramatically different impacts on the classroom and its content, as well as on you and your teaching practice.


Yet there is much that you, their teacher, can do to boost motivation and inspire learners. Here is a written summary by Jeremy Harmer on a talk he has given on the role of teacher in boosting motivation in, which he states on page one, "Almost all that the teacher does in the classroom has a motivational, or de-motivational, influence upon students". To access it, you can either click on the link below or download it directly from the British Council's website.

Read page one (or more, if you like) and please post your response to the questions below in Task 2 Small Groups folder on our Edmodo page:

 a. Can you think of a former teacher who motivated you? What did he or she do to inspire you? 

b. How do you build student-teacher rapport and a supportive pleasant classroom atmosphere in your teaching context?






Task three (10 minutes; Wednesday - Thursday)

Click on the link below. It will take you to a Vimeo page where you can just click play. Watch the video and please post your comments in the Week 1 - Task 3 small group on our Edmodo page.


Roy on Reflection



Task four (25 minutes; Thursday- Friday)

The .pdf document below has two statements on some basic principles of reflective teaching. There are also comments by Roy with some didactical implications.


Read the document below. When the link opens, click on the preview page to get the full text. In your response consider the questions along with the comments. If possible, give a concrete example from your own teaching to illustrate your views. Keep in mind that there is no golden rule here. Please write your response in the Week 1 Task 4 small group folder on our Edmodo group page.





Task five (35 minutes; Friday - Saturday)

The below document has some observations on student and teacher feedback and motivation.

Read the pdf file below and consider the points and questions Roy has added at the end. When the link opens, click on the preview page to get the full text. Please post your response under the Week 1 Task 5 post on our Edmodo group page.





Joint Live Session. Please attend the live session that Roy and Kristen will be giving on Sunday 19 January at 15.30-17.00 GMT.  Please check your local time here.


Additional reading. Here is the link to Roy's recent article on Accordion Class which he talked about during the Live Session: 

Accordion Class.pdf